Our Mission

  • Flecks Systems strives to provide long-term safety surfacing systems that offer superior performance. We use high quality, environmentally safe materials to create surfacing systems backed by quality installations to ensure all our customers have a surfacing system they will enjoy for years to come.
  • Flecks Systems is committed to providing the training and support needed for our installers to have the tools and skills required to properly install our systems. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and will continue to raise the bar on industry standards to help provide safe, long-term, environmentally friendly surfaces for playgrounds, waterplay, pool decks and much more.


Company History

  • In the late 80’s, Bill McGrath Jr. came across a sample of rubber mixed with a flexible epoxy. Intrigued with the concept of a flexible resurfacing system that wouldn’t crack with the change of seasons in the Northeast, Bill Jr. began installing this rubberized resurfacing product comprised of a flexible epoxy mixed with ground up tires, car mats, and shoe soles. Later as the industry evolved, Bill Jr. turned to EPDM rubber which was mixed with an aromatic urethane. After the installation of many projects, the call backs started.
  • In 1998, after years of research and development, Bill Jr. introduced Nu-Crete, the first light stable thermoplastic rubber into the industry. Later in 2001, Nu-Crete was changed to Pebble-Flex and Bill Jr., his son Bill McGrath III and Bill Sr. began installing Pebble-Flex projects locally in New Jersey through their newly formed company, United Surface Technologies. After years of trials and tribulations, Bill Jr. along with his son Bill III established WM Polymers/Flecks Systems, Inc. and in 2016 introduced the 2nd generation in thermoplastic rubber surfacing, Flecks Systems. Flecks Systems, Inc. combines years of experience and knowledge producing and installing thermoplastic rubber. We have created the most technically advanced thermoplastic rubber and urethane binders offering surfacing systems that can withstand harsh environments.

Memberships and Certifications

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