FlecksCast™ is a highly U.V. resistant non-porous system applied over new or old cracked concrete, asphalt, wood and fiberglass substrates. Our unique granulated thermoplastic rubber fines are broadcast to excess into our two-part urethane basecoat. Once cured overnight, the excess TPR Fines are removed and Flecks® Topcoat is applied to create an excellent non-slip, safe, non-porous surface which will not fade or chalk. FlecksCast™ comes in 16 different colors that can be blended together to create unlimited color blends to fit your needs and desire. FlecksCast™ is cooler to the touch than most surfaces making it the ideal surface for pool decks, splash pads, patios, walkways, locker rooms, showers and more indoor and outdoor applications.         

FlecksCast Indoor Pool Deck & Locker Room

FlecksCast™ Indoor Water Park

FlecksCast Indoor Pool Deck & Locker Room



  • Non-Porous
  • Non-Slip
  • Safe
  • Unlimited Color Blends to choose from


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