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flake garage floor

Flecks Coatings

Flecks Systems, Inc. manufactures a complete line of products for the coatings industry which include Epoxies, Urethanes, Polyaspartics, Epoxy and Urethane Binders, Non-Slip coatings, and can create a custom flooring system suited for your needs.

Our WMP Light Stable Epoxy is 100% solids, totally light stable, U.V. resistant, non-yellow epoxy. This unique technology has been developed to overcome the disadvantages of a standard epoxy degrading due to U.V. exposure including yellowing, chalking, and blushing. WMP Light Stable Epoxy can be used as a binding agent for stone surfacing, base and top coating for metallic floors, colored quartz, vinyl flake, pigmented coatings, and all outdoor and indoor applications where the toughness of an epoxy are needed.

Key Benefits:

  • 100 % Solids, No VOC’s
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Resists U.V. Degradation
  • Blush Resistant
  • Long Pot Life
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Chalk Resistant
  • Less expensive than Polyaspartic
  • Easy 2-1 mixing ratio

Additional Flecks Coatings

  • Flecks® Epoxy Primer: A 100% solids, two-part epoxy specifically designed to be used as a primer for green and/or damp concrete. Flecks® Epoxy Primer can be applied to “green” concrete when the concrete is a minimum of 14 days old and under the standard 28-day cure time.
  • Flecks® Sealcoat: A two-part aliphatic urethane sealcoat.
  • Flecks Polyaspartic: 90% Solids Polyaspartic coating. (Available in a Fast, Medium & Slow Cure)
  • Flecks® Guard: A single component, clear water-based urethane, satin finish coating, designed to be used as a maintenance coating.
  • UltraBond™ AL: Aliphatic, single component, moisture cured urethane binder for rubber surfaces. (Available in winter cure and summer cure)
  • UltraBond™ AR: Aromatic, single component, moisture cured urethane binder for rubber surfaces and safety cushion layers. (Available in winter cure and summer cure)
flake garage floor
flake garage floor

Flecks UltraCoat

Is an Ultra Tough, non-slip, rubberized, all-purpose coating that is submersible and resistant to chlorinated water. A low VOC, water-based urethane rubberized coating that is a durable, non-slip flexible coating. It provides long-term weatherability, U.V. resistance and is abrasion and impact resistant.

Flecks UltraCoat™ is an all-purpose coating that can be applied over top of new or old concrete, asphalt, wood, fiberglass, and metal substrates. Our Flecks® TPR fines are added to provide a non-slip coating wet and dry, while still being easy to clean, making it ideal for use on handicap ramps, steps, boat decks, marina docks, wood decks, walkways, patios, indoor and outdoor pool decks, splash pads, zero entry pools, lazy rivers, health & athletic club and aquatic facility locker rooms, bath houses, and many other types of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Flecks UltraCoat™ is a high strength pigmented water-based urethane with thermoplastic rubber fines used to create a non-slip textured finish. It is by far the toughest rubberized non-slip coating available. Designed for easy application to allow both contractors and homeowners to use and apply. Can be applied with a 3/8” napth roller or with an airless sprayer.

For areas that require a thicker application, Flecks UltraCoat™ can be applied over top of Flecks® Basecoat, a flexible, high build urethane membrane, creating a softer, flexible non-slip surfacing system.

Flecks UltraCoat™ is also the perfect coating to refinish existing EPDM rubber surfaces that need a pigmented coating to extend the life of the rubber surface while protecting it from U.V. rays that break down EPDM rubber. Flecks UltraCoat™ can be sprayed using a conventional airless sprayer or rolled down.